About Us

Fire Containment Training Services (FCTS) is a company built from first hand experience in the fire and building code industry, focused on providing code driven firestop training to Building and Fire code officials throughout the US.

Brice Miller is an expert in this line of work, with over 25 combined years as a Building Official, Inspector, and Plans Examiner and he understands the importance of proper firestop systems in the built environment.

Brice is nationally recognized as one of the most knowledgeable firestop trainers in the United States. He proposed the International Code Council (ICC) Firestop Inspection certification and had the opportunity to develop two full day on-line firestop presentations for ICC. He was instrumental in the development of the ICC book, Firestopping, Joint Systems and Dampers along with other ICC firestop publications

Brice's passion for firestopping started 14 years ago and he has been conducting firestop presentations and training's, providing code officials with the tools they need to better understand firestopping and provide proper firestop inspections ever since.

With firestopping having become one of the most discussed topics and hottest issues among code officials due to the International Building Code now requiring Firestop special inspections that utilize the ASTM Firestop Inspection Standards, it is a vital time for Brice Miller and FCTS to be providing training for Code Officials. 



Fire Containment Training Services has partnered with some of the key product and service companies in the Building and Construction Industry.  Our sponsors make it possible for FCTS to continue providing our code driven firestop presentations.  These companies, and all they have to offer,  can be a great firestop resource in addition to the training FCTS provides.​