Code Driven Firestop Training Seminars

For Building Code Officials

Why Firestopping?

Firestopping has become one of the most discussed topics and hottest issues among code officials.  

The 2012/2015 International Building Code now requires firestop special inspections.

​As a result, Code Officials are looking for further firestop training to understand the new ASTM Firestop Inspection Standards.


Not only is Fire Containment Training Services (FCTS) proficient in the codes and standards for firestopping, but they are affiliated with the most connected Firestop Experts and Code Officials in the US. FCTS strives to be a leading resource for Fire and Building Code Officials, Architects, and Engineers alike, as well as to become a connection point to other experts in the firestop industry.

Their expertise in this field will provide the tools and skills Code Officials need for regulating firestop systems. And their focus is to assist with the plan review and inspection process of firestopping, as well as to increase the awareness and understanding for proper firestopping.  

Training Seminars

To meet different needs and requirements, FCTS provides a variety of firestop training sessions:

- 1 Hour Intro Session

- 2 Hour Session

- Half Day Session

- Full Day Session

For more information about firestop training please visit our Training Page!


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